Bluebottle Eye


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This painting was created when I was inspired to tell my story of living with Lupus. When I was a young child, I went with my dad to the beach. I ran into the waves and without realizing it, I ran straight into a school of bluebottles. As the tentacles from the bluebottles wrapped around my legs, I fell down and was stung all over my body. The stings were extensive and although my father tried to get help from the local hospital, we were sent home and told that there was nothing that they could do and that the toxin would work its way out. 
I was unconscious for more than a day and my body fought hard to work out these toxins.

Although medically, this being the cause for Lupus has never been proven by scientists, many Lupus survivors tell a similar story of being exposed to large quantities of toxins.

Many people who live with Lupus develop a rash on their faces that is recognized by it being shaped like a butterfly. The eye on the bluebottle, sheds a tear.

You can read more about the bluebottles and about LUPUS here

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