India- painting by Jacqui Simpson. Inspired by my dreams of India.

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Inspired by my dreams of India.

"There is a blessed land where rivers are worshipped as languorous-limbed goddesses. Where trees and plants are treated as the equal to dear friends or parents, whose mountains, crowned with eternal snows, are symbols of majesty and nobility, whose landscapes have the curves of young women adorned with earrings, whose seasons, heady with the scent of lilies and roses, are reflected in the blooming flowers of the pond. Even its towns are like young ladies wooing their king or lord, their hair glittering with pearls.
Anyone who has ever set foot in India knows intuitively that no other land has the same intense dizzying beauty. Its heightened colors and heady fragrances assault the sense, fire the imagination, kindle the inspiration of poet, painter and sculptor."

This painting was inspired by a photograph called Red Secrecy by Deviant Art photographer Anna who calls herself Subterfuge Malaises


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