Filing Cabinet

All artists need a place to store their reference material and stuff. I had this perfectly good but "Oh so boring" cabinet in an office upstairs. This was an irritation as I had to keep running upstairs to look for reference material and then would land up with piles and piles of papers that had to be taken upstairs and re-filed. I decided to jazz this cabinet up a bit so it would look good in my studio.



I sanded the cabinet and applied an undercoat before painting the 2 Jokers on both sides and then the drawers. The painted areas were then sealed with epoxy type varnish.

One thing that I noticed when I used to work in an office was that the Filing Cabinets in the offices were always such an eyesore. They are so wonderfully practical for storing files and so on, I just cannot understand why they are so ugly!

From Doctors waiting rooms to Corporate offices, no matter how beautifully decorated, there is always an ugly grey or beige cabinet sticking out somewhere spoiling the beautiful decor.

Why not let me paint your cabinets to reflect the company logo/product or just something to cheer up the room and to create a more friendly environment for the people using them everyday.

Contact me with your idea or let me advise and quote you on painting these cabinets for you.

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