Guitar Case


This particular guitar case was inspired by South African musician Arno Carstens from the SA band Springbok Nude Girls. Arno's beautiful wife Mel commissioned me to do a painting on Arno's new guitar case. He had damaged this old one (you know what they say about Rock Star 's and their smashing parties!:o) Just kidding...It's was wear and tear after so many tours and traveling. Marshall Music, a beautiful music store (or I should say "Musician's Heaven") sponsored a new guitar case.

I have known Arno's work for years, as part of the band and as a solo-artist. He worked his tail off with his band The Springbok Nude Girls and in just a few hours, February 13th 2011, The Springbok Nude Girls are opening for the band U2 in South Africa! What an achievment! They make me so proud to be South African!

Arno has a mate called David Edwards who is doing the Artwork for a Comic book called "The Muse", based on Arno and Mel. Mel thought it would be a good idea for David and I to chat about the design for the Artwork, so David and I spoke and he sent through some of his character sketches as inspiration, along with a few photo's of Mel.

I created this painting with "The Muse" in mind.


I was so nervous to meet with them because Mel had decided not to preview of the design prior to me delivering it. We met in a Hotel in Johannesburg where the band are staying during the U2 concert.

I was so relieved when I saw Mel and realized that she is as lovely as I imagined. Mel and Arno loved his case and were so sweet! I felt like a 15yr old groupie!

I will take orders to paint your guitar case, so CONTACT ME if you would like to have your guitar case painted too. This type of PRACTICAL ART is a fine way to display Art that you love...or even of someone who you love.


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