Dom's Mural

1936 Mercedes 500K

Sometimes, I get the pleasure of doing painting jobs that I absolutely love, like this one to decorate a Nursery wall and a Playroom for a gorgeous little kid named Dominic.

I was given 4 model cars to photograph and paint on the walls of the playroom. We decided to use 3 cars for the paintings but all 4 cars were used to create the murals.


These are 3 of the models I was given to work with


1957 Corvette


1971 Studebaker


I painted a broad strip of Blackboard paint on the bottom of the wall to resemble a road and also for little Dominic to draw on with his chalk. The two cars on either side of the wall so that should the family grow, this room could become Dominics room and the centre area will accomodate his bed quite nicely. The orange and blue model cars will be mounted on the wall at the edge of the stripes above the painted cars like the picture on the right. These stripes run all the way around the room.


The fourth car - A beautiful cream 1936 Mercedes 500k will be mounted on the outside of the Playroom door. I decided to paint it red though so as to add some more colour to this lovely sunny room. The green Studebaker will be mounted on this wall.

Using the same colours (and more) in the Nursery, only one wall was covered in bright stripes which looks beautiful against all the white nursery furniture.


This is the main wall after the cars had been mounted


Dominic pointing to the green car that was mounted above the Mercedes


I thoroughly enjoyed painting all these walls with my pint sized little friend popping his sweet little head in every now and again to see the cars.

He was delighted when I returned to photograph his room again after the cars had been mounted and couldn't wait to show me how well he can draw on his chalk board.

What a sweet little character!

(I loved drawing on the wall with him too, and am considering putting a chalk board in my studio to scribble on...)

If you would like to have a mural painted, please feel free to contact me.


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