A lovely little shop called Holly and Jack, run by two very talented and creative ladies - Lynne and Tanya. The ladies contacted me and asked me to decorate their stand at the Home Expo in the Northgate Dome.

While I was painting with my back to them, they were busy setting up the room. I eventually turned around and was blown away at how beautifully this little stand that was once piled with boxes and pieces of furniture had been transformed in just a few short hours into a beautiful showroom.


Babies and Childrens rooms can be transformed into a fun place to play and sleep with a wall mural.

Kiddies and even teenagers have favorite characters that they enjoy whether it be a cartoon character or a famous rock star or movie character.

Murals are a wonderful way of creating a personal little haven for a child, reflecting their own personal style and make the time that they spend in this room a happy one.

See Dominic's Wall mural here

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