Practical Art - Work Desk

I had a chap knock up this desk relatively cheaply for me. I designed it to have a storage facility built in it and had is made specifically to be as high as my hip; which makes it a comfortable desk to stand and work at, not putting too much strain on my back and shoulders.

I stained the entire desk with a dark wood stain, except for the working surface which I stained with various colored paint washes. The Vin Diesel paintings on either end were painted on top of the stain with a white acrylic and then sealed with an acrylic sealer. The work surface was also sealed with an acrylic sealer.

I lined the inside of the storage area with collage and a washable adhesive contact and sealed the collage with a sealer.

Lastly long screws where screwed into the wood to accommodate tubes that can hang.


The back was painted by my son Brian, who writes rap lyrics and music under the name SICKLY WHITE. Brian is also a tag artist so he did this tag for me

If you have an idea of a piece of furniture that you would like painted and turned into a work of Art to jazz up a room, contact me

I will be happy to take a look and quote you accordingly.


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