Practical Art

Practical Art just makes sense! Sadly, Art has and probably always will be considered as a luxury. The idea of combining beautiful Art with practicality is a great idea to get the best of both. A relatively cheap piece of furniture can be easily transformed into a beautifully piece of Art to jazz up a dull work or living area.

The Painting Cave or my Art Studio is where I spend most of my time. It is a small area, considering that I usually share this space with a few students and that I also like to paint ridiculously large paintings.

I am constantly rearranging furniture and paintings so it has to be a practical space to work in.

The back of cupboards are not pretty. Sometimes we don't have enough wall space to put them against. This old ugly cupboard got spruced up with a Charlie Chaplin looking over his shoulder.


Painted mats don't need shaking or vacuuming. This mat brightens up a dull tiled floor on a verandah.



A biking couple decided to convert a double garage into a Bike Den

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A fresh coat of paint on old cement garden furniture. Revamping is cheaper than replacing

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Filing Cabinets are those ugly grey things that hang around our offices reminding us that we have work to do.

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A work desk in a studio, workroom or garage; whether you do needlework or woodwork; is a place where you spend much of your time. Making it a practical yet beautiful work area will make your time at your desk so much more enjoyable.

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Nursery Walls and Children's playrooms. Have a look at Dom's Nursery here.



Internal doors can be so boring. Doors are expensive to replace and can be really bland in a beautiful home. Here is an idea to jazz up a dark corner. To see more - click here




You don't have to be a famous rock star to deserve a beautiful guitar case, that reflects your muse (or inspiration) and personal style.

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Children's rooms, bars, bathrooms and living spaces can be jazzed up to reflect your own personal taste and style with wall murals.

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Living in an artist studio, it is important to me that I work in an environment that is both inspiring and practical. Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn't. I thought it would be cool to share some of my ideas with other artists out there.
It has been a longstanding joke in my family about the fact that I will paint on anything ...and everywhere if given the opportunity. I believe that if the surface is flat...IT'S A CANVAS! I paint on boxes, doors furniture...anything! Provided the correct method and paint is used, it is achievable!



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