My Art Journal


I have been doing Art for a really long time. I am curious about all kinds of mediums and I like to explore as many as I can. One of the things I also do today is to try and work in Journals as this is an easy way to store Artwork until some time that I decide to frame or sell it.

 There are tons of Artists who like to combine Art and Journalling, as do I; however, the Art Journals that are available to me are usually books with wonderful covers but when you open them up, the paper is awful. Working with paint or glue on any paper under around 220gsm becomes messy and the paper buckles or breaks down.

This obsession with creating a good Art Journal with good paper suitable for various mediums had me making a couple of proto-types until my students started noticing them and requesting similar journals.

Well, the rest they say is history. I got my hubby involved and we made 50 beautiful Journals that contain 62 pages of tried and tested quality paper, in a colourful cardboard box, which we are selling for just R699.00 per Journal

(including delivery to the closest POSTNET counter in South Africa ONLY)


20 sheets 220gsm textured coloured paper

Pastel pencils, Graphite, Charcoal,  Pencil Crayon, Ink , Stamping etc.

4 sheets 300gsm Watercolour paper

Watercolour, Watercolour pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, Ink pen etc.

4 sheets 220gsm textured white paper

Graphite, Charcoal, Pencil Crayon, Acrylic paint, Gouache, Ink, Stamping etc.

4 sheets 380gsm canvas

Acrylic paint, Gouache paint, Stamping, decoupage etc.

32 additional pages

These work as protection sheets between each of the special pages. These can be used to do your planning, draw thumbnails, quick sketches and note making.

Every book has a hand-painted cover and is placed in a colourful box where it can be stored for safe keeping. The covers are unique. No two are the same.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these journals. please CONTACT me

Art by Jax