Interview with KykNet – 2018

We were very honored to have KykNet come out and film us for a section in a breakfast show. Take a stroll through our studio …

Celebration of Life

A selection of paintings and artwork that I created over time. Art is timeless …

Paintings from 2018

I love to try my hand at various subjects and mediums. This is a selection of pastels, graphite, watercolours, acrylic paintings, and printing techniques. Landscapes, still-life and portraiture …

October Sketch Endeavour-2019

I set myself a challenge to try and draw every day. I drew up a list of common everyday items and this was the result

November Doodle-a-Day – 2019

It’s not always easy to sit down and draw, so this challenge was to doodle, using only a pen in a little journal

How to Doodle – 2019

Ten-minute drawing a day, using a ballpoint pen only They need to be drawings that you do on the fly … in your day. When you stop for a cup of coffee or tea or are waiting in your car. Random everyday objects are drawn from life.

December Portait (Selfies) Challenge – 2019

So much harder than I anticipated. A selfie using a mirror every day. Some days went better than others, but I learned so much from this exercise, it was definitely worth the effort

January Hands – 2020

I set my January challenge around hands. I used the sign-language alphabet to create different poses

How to Draw U – 2020

This is how I drew my hands in the January challenge. This is the letter U

February Paint what you LOVE – 2020

Using my favourite photos that I had taken over the years, I decided to paint or draw them. One every day.

Closer to Your dreamsĀ 

Art by Jacqui “Jax” Simpson A collection of Pastels, Watercolour and Acrylic paintings

Saamrus Paintings

Watercolour and Ink paintings of the most beautiful spot in Gauteng! Art by Jacqui “Jax” Simpson My favourite place to go at any time of the week or year. Saamrus Guest Farm out in the Magaliesburg.

Memory Project – 2019

Memory Project portraits for Afghanistan and Peru, painted by myself and my students at The Painting Cave in 2019.


CatzRUs Project – 2019

CatzRus is a rescue organisation committed to the plight of abandoned and homeless cats and kittens. Art contributions from adult and KIDSART students at The PaintingCave

El Shalem Project – 2019

Portraits of these beautiful children from El Shalem, a private learning establishment for children with severe disabilities. Contributions from myself and my students

Art by Jax